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Construction Man​agement

​​Construction Man​agement​

QPM's services ensure that projects adhere to all specifications and are delivered on time and within budget. Utilizing a fully integrated staff of trained professionals enables QPM to guide projects through the planning, design, procurement, construction, and start-up phases.
Expert managers, site engineers, project control teams, safety and quality experts, contract administrators, and inspectors all work together to implement project delivery systems. These systems provide quality assurance, cost and schedule control, problem solving techniques, and deliver effective administrative results. QPM's experience with construction projects encompasses residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure assignments. The company's extensive experience allows QPM to adapt flexible management approaches to exceed client's diverse needs.


  • Construction ManagementConstruction Management
    Construction Management
    • Project Execution and Contracting Strategies
    • Development of the scope of work, tender documents, and the criteria for contract award
    • Tender document review, assessment, and award recommendation
    • Creation of criteria for project handover to operating groups
  • Reporting and Forecasting SystemsReporting and Forecasting Systems
    Reporting and Forecasting Systems
    • Setup and maintenance of a uniform reporting and forecasting systems that provides managers with a clear and consistent understanding of the project's status, problem areas, and potential issues.
  • Cost Estimating and Control SystemsCost Estimating and Control Systems
    Cost Estimating and Control Systems
    • Development and maintenance of budgetary control and forecasting systems
    • Create independent cost estimates while identifying issues including scope creep and escalation
    • Provide significant input that enhances Value Engineering (VE) exercises
    • Establishment and maintenance of control budgets while identifying key areas affected by adjustments
  • Schedule and Time ManagementSchedule and Time Management
    Schedule and Time Management
    • Development of Project Execution Plans (PEP) which includes important milestones and provides regular updates of PEP
    • Implementation of systems that create effective forecasts for milestones and project completion
    • Participate in recovery planning when a critical event has occurred that can cause delays
  • Status Review and Corrective ActionsStatus Review and Corrective Actions
    Status Review and Corrective Actions
    Performing detailed reviews of a project's status and identifying areas of non-conformity while ensuring that corrective actions are taken
  • Claims Avoidance and SettlementClaims Avoidance and Settlement
    Claims Avoidance and Settlement
    • Provide guidance for contractual communications with contractors involved in a project
    • Facilitate the settlement of contract claims and disputes
    • Identify potential contract claims issues and recommend proper mitigation process
  • HS&E ManagementHS&E Management
    HS&E Management
    • Development of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) guidelines
    • Review and approve HSE Plans
    • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments and mitigation plans
  • Quality Management SystemsQuality Management Systems
    Quality Management Systems
    Implementation of effective Quality Management Systems (QMS) that are built around industry leading practices and operate in accordance with new procedures that fit within QMS

    Ensure the implementation of best QMS practices for each project
  • Other ServicesOther Services
    Other Services
    • Development and implementation of staff training and the creation of knowledge transfer programs
    • Interagency coordination
    • Community outreach and public relations assistance