Our Capabilities

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​​Design Management​​

Design management services consist of developing a client's vision through the project life cycle by providing construction and operations planning, concept design, detailed design, and maintenance.
QPM also provides specialists that focus on design management to ensure that all project elements adhere to stringent technical requirements


  • Pre- & Post-Construction Design ManagementPre- & Post-Construction Design Management
  • Quality Management SystemsQuality Management Systems
  • Technical ReviewTechnical Review
    Technical Review
    • Review and audit proposed designs ensuring that engineering solutions are technically sound and individualized for specific purposes
    • Coordination of constructability and buildability reviews
  • Value EngineeringValue Engineering
    Value Engineering
    • Setup and facilitate Value Engineering workshops that result in a Value Analysis of the project
    • Collaborate with designers, engineers, cost consultants, equipment suppliers and construction contractors to identify areas where cost saving can be implemented
  • Status Review and Corrective ActionsStatus Review and Corrective Actions
    Status Review and Corrective Actions
    Performing detailed reviews of a project's status and identifying areas of non-conformity while ensuring that corrective actions are taken.
  • SustainabilitySustainability
    • Identify sustainable goals at the project outset, establish associated costs, define specific performance metrics and develop a fully integrated strategy
    • Develop a roadmap for implementing sustainable priorities including schedule, responsibilities, measurable outcomes and a continuous improvement plan
    • Assist projects to meet legislated targets for sustainability and achieving Green Rating certifications
    • Guide projects during the development of sustainable design, construction and operations guidelines for new and existing projects
    • Guide projects in managing carbon reduction strategies
    • Assist in establishing sustainable procurement strategies