ISF Al Duhail Camp


The Development of the ISF Al Duhail Camp, is a large scale, mixed-use project and the first development in Qatar targeted to achieve the GSAS for neighborhood certification.

The programme features a wide range of buildings and facilities (totaled around 350 Buildings), spread over a site area of approx. 3,261,844 sqm; designed and engineered to provide comprehensive functional, support and administrative; specialized as well as recreational, activities.

The development includes extensive landscaped areas and site-wide infrastructure, including a dedicated 40,000 TN DCP (with Network capacity of up to 80,000 TN); primary, secondary as well various other sub-stations; Storm, Potable and Irrigation water tanks with total capacity of around 66,500 m3; around 12 km of roads, various above and underground car parks, 9 meter high secured boundary wall with its associated Main Gate, VIP Gate and various other secondary/emergency gates and watchtowers; all fully integrated via BMS. 

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