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Board Member
Mr. Fahad Al-Asmakh
Board Member
QPM Board member, Mr Fahad Al-Asmakh brings more than 18 years’ experience of working with contracts in the oil and gas, construction, civil, infrastructure and consultancy sectors covering tendering, technical /commercial evaluations, contracts administration, claims, disputes and project management with a number of ‘blue chip’ companies within Qatar.
He currently holds the position of Chief Corporate Services Officer with Qatari Diar, the property & Real estate investment Co. . His role at Qatari Diar runs concurrent to his Board member duties for QPM. Having also worked for Qatar Petroleum, he brings a wealth of industry experience, transferable skills, competencies and work environment expertise to QPM.

Mr Al- Asmakh graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, US, in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Mr Al-Asmakh’s academic background together with his work experience – and the caliber of organisations he has been employed by – give him a very solid foundation within the contracts sector. This combination of educational and vocational expertise is vital to his role at QPM.

Throughout his career, Mr Al-Asmakh has also displayed a commitment to 'lifelong learning' by undertaking numerous vocational courses and seminars.

For a company like QPM, contracts and their correct execution is of paramount importance. Mr Al-Asmakh’s experience in this regard is of value to QPM, and when wedded to his desire to continue developing his skills, his appointment to the Board will undoubtedly assist QPM in its ongoing mission to emerge its presence in project management.