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Infrastructure Engineer
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POSITION: Infrastructure Engineer


Summary Description

Under general supervision performs responsible professional engineering review, assessment, inspection and administrative duties. This includes reviews of design- & construction- and development proposals related to all infrastructure projects (i.e. roads, highways, bridges, utilities of all kind, etc.) and ensuring compliance with Qatar Rail requirements, asset protection and future safeguarding. Further advises interfacing parties on NOC requirements, conditions and required actions to obtain approvals.

Main Responsibilities (This is not the complete list)

The Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for the review of 3rd party applications in reference to Metro/ LRT/Long Distance project interfaces for the operational railways and future phases. The tasks will include review of plans, schematics, calculations, and specifications. The Infrastructure Engineer is required to effectively work with all involved parties, assess proposals, make recommendations and determines comprehensive response to 3rd party requests. It includes working closely with, coordinating and collaborating with all Qatar Rail departments, agencies/authorities, designers and contractors internal and external to ensure comprehensive, conclusive and timely response. These responsibilities include attending meetings with various stakeholders.

1.    Provide infrastructure interface & coordination services (assistance, guidance) for the Qatar Rail schemes in relation to multiple interfaces with applicants, designers, utility agencies, contractors, stakeholders, etc.

2.    Review, assess, evaluate and respond to third party requests, design, engineering, and construction documents including plans and specifications to ensure compliance with applicable requirements, codes, ordinances, and standards (NOC, DR, RO, PTW, others).

3.    Monitor and track correspondence (documentation of day-to-day work)

4.    Supporting the manager and relevant departments in design review, assisting in approval process and other duties.

5.    Ensure & check completeness of documents and submissions.

6.    Provide and prepare interface drawings and relevant documents.

7.    Work as link between PMC, D&B contractor and third parties.

8.    Participate and create manuals, procedures and methods dealing with stakeholder. Identify elements for optimizations and improvement of the department.

9.    Attend and record meetings and act as contact person for local authorities.

10.  As required, inspect sites on a periodical basis to ensure conformance with permits, design specifications and adherence to quality. Provide site inspection reports.

11.  Resolve issues within level of authority and/or address modifications or changes.

12.  Plan, organize, track, control and evaluate the assigned functions and activities. Works proactively and responsibly.

13.  Maintains logs and records of work performed; prepares periodic and special reports as required. Maintain accurate reports of ROs and permits (received, responded) and other assigned activities.

14.  Performs related duties as assigned.

Education & Experience

·         Candidates are to have a degree in civil engineering or related engineering discipline with a minimum of 5 years.

·         A minimum of 4 years of documentable experience in fields of railway, road / utility design and/or construction.

·         GCC experience is beneficial.

·         Experience in Metro/ Rail projects.

·         Strong knowledge and experience with design and construction and management of large-scale infrastructure project.

·         Sound knowledge of industry best practice, local codes and regulations.

·         In depth knowledge and experience with planning, design, and construction of metro railways, water, wastewater, storm drainage, irrigation, power transmission and distribution, gas, oil, district cooling, steam pipelines, telecom, etc.

·         Knowledge of standards, building requirements and understanding of the statutory requirements of the State of Qatar.

·         Knowledge of permitting procedures (NOC)

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office package (MS Word, Excel, and Outlook).

·         Experience with web-based collaboration technologies for project information and process management software (i.e. Aconex, QDRS/QPRO2)

·         Experience and good skills with AutoCAD and ArcGIS.

·         Good technical writing skill (Arabic & English)