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CEO Message

Project Management 
Mohamed Jassim Al-Othman
Chief Executive Officer
Since its establishment in 2008, QPM has achieved excellent progress in both domestic and international markets. Through the years, QPM has delivered its integrated Project Management services to 19 developments at home and abroad.

Qatar Project Management (QPM) has been a trusted partner to visionary leaders, brands and projects since its establishment in 2008.  The company has since charted a steady course, delivering both economic and intrinsic value to our stakeholders, in the process building a portfolio that features some of the most iconic projects in the Middle East and North Africa.

Throughout this rapid growth, QPM continues to be a Qatari brand with strong values and a commitment to supporting the State of Qatar's vision for 2030. QPM aims to contribute to this growth by finding niche roles in the country's economy, society, and environment.

QPM is a leading consultant and partner to various projects that are part of the overall infrastructure development program for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, and has specialized teams working closely with the principals on many component projects that will make it a global sporting masterpiece.

QPM's journey has been charted by being true to our heritage, while seeking global knowledge and expertise to help design, plan, build and deliver diversely challenging, yet rewarding, projects. Each project is designed to endure for generations and continue to deliver on a unique vision for each community.

Being part of a greater community ecosystem is central to QPM's philosophy, which is why future sustainability, environmental consciousness and workplace safety are just as important to QPM as seeking mature talent, developing best practices and utilizing the most modern technologies to deliver on our commitments.

QPM is committed to helping our partners realize their vision with efficiency and style in a brave new world, where no ambition is too ambitious, and where partnership means much more than a signature or a contract. QPM is here to help manage your vision for a better future.